What You'll Learn On the AWS SCS-C01 Exam

The eight AWS SCS-C01 exams will test your skills and knowledge about AWS. Each question has a complete explanation as to why that particular answer is correct or wrong. AWS practice tests are based on original AWS Certification objectives and cover all the areas of security you need to know.

The exam tracks your knowledge through extensive testing covering various security functions. This exam guarantees that only seasoned AWS specialists can pass it with flying colors.


The eight topics covered in the exam have been carefully designed for thorough understanding. The questions asked in the exam are designed to test not only your knowledge but also your ability to develop new experience in your field.

You must demonstrate that you can apply the knowledge and develop new skills in the areas of security. A lot of thought has gone into the objectives of the exam and the AWS Certified Specialty exams.


This AWS Security certification is valid for two years, but it does let candidates extend their time for re-certification. There are two ways for AWS specialists to reach the second level of AWS security certification. The first is by retaking the exam. The second is by obtaining an associate’s degree in computer science.


Before going back to the testing center, you should make sure you have amassed enough practice tests. The main exams are designed to test both theory and practical skills. The practice tests provided by AWS will help you prepare for the real thing.

The first two AWS SCS-C01 exams have been designed by AWS so that the multiple-part exam will be easier to understand. The SCS-C01 Practice Tests by Dumps4free provide comprehensive information about the exam topics, allowing candidates to review and refresh their knowledge as needed.


The AWS SCS-C01 exam contains a multiple-part test that is comprised of two main sections. The first section covers AWS resources and AWS services. These topics are essential to an AWS specialist, as they cover the entire scope of building infrastructure.

In the second area, you will need to demonstrate your skills with a couple of real examples. Once you complete this exam, you will become an AWS certified solutions architect.


The second section of the exam, AWS Services, covers the basics of using and services. Here, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge of creating an IAM user table, creating an IAM environment, and creating an IAM context. While many of the concepts may look simple, it is essential to understand how each image fits together and create your custom environment.

The AWS Services test also asks you to demonstrate your ability to create a new table and the ability to associate one or more IAM objects with a role. This part of the exam is relatively easy, but the key here is to ensure that you understand each concept and create your own “safe” tables to pass.

After passing both parts of the AWS SCS-C01 exam, you will be awarded your AWS certification. Many colleges and universities offer AWS courses, so you will likely find one to take online.

There are also several webinars and training sessions that you can attend to learn the various topics that will help you achieve your goal of becoming an AWS specialist. To get the most out of your course, you must follow all of the instructions and take your time, as passing this certification is not easy.


Overall, this type of security specialty is not recommended for a beginner or an individual who does not have a lot of experience. This is because it involves a large number of different topics and takes a long time to finish.

If you want to become an AWS specialist, you will want to find an authorized AWS training provider. You can then follow the proper path to gain your AWS certification. You can become an AWS specialist by having real-world case studies or implementing some of AWS’s tools.

If you’re unsure what you want to do, consider starting with an introductory course to get you started.