Use of Trademark

Use of Trademark

Appropriate Use Of  Trademark Online And Offline

Businesses in this era require having a trademark on every aspect of their business as well as product. It gives you a sense of security and protects your business to be exposed in the lawsuit. Several business owners are using the trademark on their online and offline portals, but the use of a correct trademark is the most crucial point here. You must have complete information about using the trademark as well as where you can have your trademark. There are certain guidelines and rules you can use for having the trademark on your business. Let uslook at the benefits and rules for registration as per Trademark Terminal.

Basic Guideline for A New Trademark

To register the trademark it is important to understand guidelines for an online and offline business. If you want to have a trademark for your business, your logo, word, phrase, or the name of the product must be

  • Unique
  • Can be easily drawn
  • Precise
  • Avoid using geographical names
  • Avoid using the national flag or any nation’s symbol
  • Clear in spelling and understanding

Search the industry for conflicting registration

When you are working on your business trademark registration, you must search the industry for eliminating confusion. Rule number one to have a business in the industry is to know your competitors; even then, you can make mistakes. Therefore, make sure you have entire knowledge about your competitors. This step will assist you in gathering appropriate information for the business as well as avoid any infringements. Even the unintentional one can cause you serious issues. Hence, make sure you have appropriate research done to avoid conflicting registrations.

You must make sure to understand the factors that drive the confusion for trademarks. These factors are

Similar symbols:Even if you are adding prefix or suffix in the name, it does not mean it is unique. Changing the word position or adding another word does not solve the problem. Name like Maternally Yours is similar to Your Maternity Shop. Make sure your symbol is different from the used one. Think Creatively for the sake of your business.

Similar meaning:The name or the slogan has a similar meaning word, like Pledge or promise, Happiness or Joyful. Make your name does not have a similar meaning to any other name.

Similar logo appearance:Either you have a similar icon or the abstract in the logo, it will create a problem for you when you are filing for a trademark. Make sure you have designed new abstract that has similar effects on your business as well as goes well with your products or services you are selling.

Similar sound: when you are choosing the name, look for the close phonetic sound, as your trademark register can berejected with this similarity. Make sure you have created a word that has different phonetics.

Some of the factors you have to be careful of when you are choosing name, logo, abstract, or even phrase. For this, you have to search the trademarks online.

Why you must have a trademark for your business?

Do you think it is all about security and protection? Well, you should understand that you are one of the sharks in the ocean, and you have to keep your business strong and protected from other sharks in the ocean/industry. It will assist you in maintaining your business associations as well as help you gain more investments once you have the legal stamp on your business name, logo, type as well as the services you are providing to the customers. This trademark will provide you security online as well as offline. It will give you the right to use and sue the person who uses the logo or identical name as your business. You can file a case against that person or organization. Make sure you have complete documents to register your business component as a trademark for your future.

Using a trademark has certain laws and rights you have to follow; sometimes they are expensive and challenging. However, you must choose according to your business requirements. Trademark will help you win the game of monopolyin the industry and build strong relations with investors.


Once you know how you can use the trademark online and offline, it will help you in maintaining balance on both sides and gain more audience. However, you have to look carefully for the trademark conflicting files, so that you can avoid rejections and lawsuit from other organizations.