10 Technologies that will transform the Global Economy

As we heard, that is accelerating the technological rate change. It’s unprecedented and unpredictable. It is also said that we are entering the fourth industrial revolution. In previous developments of disjoint fields such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, genetics, robotics, biotechnology, 3D printing are all building and or magnify one another.  However, most occupations now depend on skills that before it for a job not considered crucial.

For this new industrial revolution, a surviving key is leading it—that for agile businesses, two key elements are required. The first is disruptive technology awareness, and the second is a plan for talent development.

The global economy will transform by these technologies

As there are many new technologies emerging with lots of challenges. And every advanced technology is the next big thing billed. So here is mention top 10 technologies that will help lead to this fourth industrial revolution.

The experts also say it of cheap essay writing service that every new emerging technology will not alter the social landscape and business. But some of these technologies can potentially disrupt the status quo, alter people’s way of work and life, and the value of pools rearrange.

These 10 technologies are:

  1. Mobile Internet
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Augmented and virtual reality
  4. Cloud Technology
  5. Internet of Things
  6. Advanced Robots
  7. Bio-metric Technology
  8. 3D Printing
  9. Genomics
  10. Block-chain

Mobile Internet

As the internet becomes the most necessary thing of the present time. And after the access of the internet connectivity in smartphones, life becomes easier. Interfaces, apps, sensors, and formats will evolve. Because with prominent connectivity mobile computing more devices. The Internet itself has a great power to transform the global economy. But after mobile internet access, more people use the internet. And it is also thought that this mobile connectivity will additionally assess to 4.3 billion people in the upcoming years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence we can see in most fields of life is using. And in the future, it might be more useful for us. User interfaces and machine learning such as gesture recognition and speech technology will more advance productivity increase or altogether some knowledge work eliminate. At present, artificial intelligence is considered more useful and helpful that will increase the global economy in the future.

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality industry right now on around $7 billion. And it is expected to reach $80 billion in the next few years. As we already can see, this industry’s progress and more major upgrades also come into this technology’s infrastructure. Consumers will form an ecosystem of apps and similar-enterprises.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology is considered the last decade’s biggest buzzword that also will impact the next decade. Nearly all web apps and IT services through the cloud would be delivered to more enterprises or improves cyber-security using the public cloud. So cloud technology helps a lot in cyber-security.

Internet of things

Currently connected devices more than 9 billion to the internet. And it is estimated that that number in the next decade will increase nearly to 50 billion. Organizations will face securing products and monitoring., devices, systems, and even people. So with internet progress, we can see in the future a more strong economy globally.

Advanced robotics

In artificial intelligence, more advances and sensors, machine vision, materials, hydraulic will change the products and services way of delivering. Because at present advanced robots make their place in the market. And no doubt robots will become our life easier. However, with advanced robots, a surge in tech talent will occur to build, maintain, and operate.

Bio-metric technology

It is revealed that in a recent survey, are planning about 70% of companies to drop in the next year’s traditional passwords. And through it, new authorization services will rise for face, eye, voice, and signature identification. That will make more accuracy in identification and will be time-consuming.

3D printing

The mass customization at unprecedented levels could enable through 3D printing.  This technology reduces the supply chain’s cost dramatically, generating an economic impact that estimated that it is annually $230 to $550 billion in the next years. No doubt, through this technology economy will transform globally in the future.


As the speeds of computer processing become faster,it will increase the growth of genetic engineering technology. The agricultural production will improve by the advanced analytics and technologies of DNA sequencing. As genetic engineering becomes more useful with time and the future, it will be more bright with this technology. It is also reliance will reduce on fossil fuels and increase the expectancy of human life.


In the context of Bitcoin,the virtual currency best known is block-chain. But according to a recent survey, it showed that across the 200 companies that use block-chain cases, 64 different. Or for commercial use will drive this technology to secure transacting and contracting.

Quantum computers on wildcard

As recently launched new technology of quantum computers and the adoption and application of these computers still unclear. But in the future, this technology goes beyond the hype. So it predicted quantum computers this small technology will be available commercially in five years that will help increase business revenue, lower investment, and reduce costs in infrastructure.

Enterprise learning required workforce

These technologies for many companies could have many benefits. But these technologies also will create large challenges. So some suggestions also predicted to prepare earlier for those challenges. So through employee training, anticipating needs of future emphasizing. However, it will continue to change the nature of work, requiring retraining programs and a strong education.

In all those industries where these technologies will be using more,these technologies will impact employees’ skills that before they had. To manage all these situations, although we will manage in short supply, we try to develop it today.  Businesses will need for their growth to put front and in center future workforce or talent development. Firms no longer stay with their previous strategies. A new mindset they required to meet their needs of talent.


As the technologies become our life easier to easier with new technologies and change previous technologies better. These technologies taking their part almost in industries in the present time. And in future no doubt a big change we will see in the global economy.