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5 Hacks to Improve Organic CTR in Search Engines

If you want to increase online presence and market share of your website, you should make sure that your website is improving organic CTR in the SERPs. Anyhow, if you want to increase the sales of your website or traffic of your website, it is not enough to appear in the SERPs.

Its reason is that Google is changing its parameters from the search engine to the answer engine. That’s why it gives importance to those web pages that are providing suitable answers to the search queries. If you fail to give answers to these queries, you can’t stay in the SERPs for a longer time.

Therefore, you should increase the organic CTR and engagement rate of your website. Here, we will discuss the top five hacks that you can use to improve the organic CTR of your web pages in the search engines.

Get Creative With Your Title Tags:

As we know that there are three main elements of the organic SERP. The first element is the headline. It appears in the form of the blue clickable link in the SERP. The second element is the description. It is a brief description that tells about the content on the web page. The last element is the URL. It is the address of the specific web page.

Among these elements, the title of a web page has enough importance not only for the search engines but also for the users. The title of a web page will show the information on the web page. While creating the title tag of your web page, you will have to keep in mind its fundamentals.

First of all, the length of the title tag should not exceed 55 characters. If you want to increase the organic CTR of your web page, you should create its title tag just within 15 to 40 characters. Secondly, you should place your focused keyword close to the beginning of the title tag. When you will include it close to the title tag, it will increase the prominence of your keyword.

Thirdly, you should avoid the keyword stuffing in the title tags. If you will stuff the title tags with keywords, these kinds of title tags will be unappealing not only for the users but also for the search engines. At last, you should add emphasis on capitalization. It means that you should capitalize the first letter of each word.

Meta Descriptions:

The snippet below the title tag that appears in the SERP is the meta description. The main purpose of the meta description is to summarize the content of a web page. You should write it effectively. A well-written meta description will last a positive impact on the organic CTR of a web page. You will have to write it just within 155 characters.

The statistics are showing that a well-written meta description can increase the CTR of your website up to 43%. Most of the viewers will click on the organic search results rather than advertisements.

To create the perfect meta descriptions, you will have to follow some essential steps. First of all, you should stick to the optimal length of Google. It means that its length should not exceed from 155 characters. Secondly, you should add the most relevant keywords in it.

Its reason is that search engines will highlight the targeted keywords with bold letters. Thirdly, you should write the descriptive copy. It means that you should not use the generic descriptions. At last, you should avoid duplicate descriptions. If you will include the duplicate descriptions, Google can penalize your website.

Use Descriptive URLs:

As we have discussed earlier that the URL is the third element of the SERP. If you will create the well-optimized and keyword-rich URL, this URL can increase the CTR of your website up to 45%. That’s why while creating the URL of your webpage; you must include the exact keyword of your web page.

Anyhow, while writing the URL, you should not use the special characters, numbers and stop words etc. You should always use the lowercase letters while creating the URL. To separate the various words of the URL, you should use hyphens.

Turn The Title Tag Donkeys Into The CTR Unicorns:

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that most of the webmasters forget the title tags after writing them. If you want to get the best results of the title tags, you should try to optimize them constantly. You should try to use various variations of the keywords. After using various variations of the keywords, you should try to optimize their performance.

While optimizing the keywords of your website, you should try to find out the worst performers of your website. These keywords are known as donkeys. The best way to get an idea about the performance of the keywords is to go to Google Search Console.

In the Google Search Console, you should download the query data. Here, you can easily get an idea about the organic CTR of various web pages of your website.

Rich Results:

If you want to improve the CTR of your website, you should not underestimate the power of the rich snippets. The rich snippets can also increase the organic CTR of your website.

If you want to show your website in the rich snippet results, you will have to optimize the content of your website. No doubt, there are various types of rich snippets. Now, the problem is that all the types of rich snippets will not work for your website. You should understand the most important form of the rich snippets that will work for your website.

Before applying any rich snippet technique, you should try to understand all of them. First is the review snippet. By using it, you will have to display stars below the meta description. Secondly, there comes a recipe rich data snippet.

This kind of rich snippet shows the step by step overview of a recipe. The third kind of rich snippet is the how-to snippet. With the help of this snippet, you can easily provide the step-by-step instructions for a specific task. Along with these rich snippets, you can also use search box snippet, video snippet and FAQ snippet.